Changeset [a8cc018090c73613b7de045283d39bf6b6a92f21] by dleffler

November 9th, 2011 @ 01:07 AM

More Language-ized remaining old school modules, required revising some calendar display code to language-ize the recurring part of the form.

At this point the following still remains: - E-commerce hasn't been touched except for the buttons - There are some of the delete confirm statements that aren't language-ized - The .tpl file probably need to be reviewed to make sure i caught everything - The text injected by the controller (not in a .tpl) is still mostly hard-coded, but should be updated - There are still a lot of phrases that haven't been 'tripped' across to have them added to the default phrase library (English - US.php) - There should probably be a general consolidation of some of the phrases so the translation file is smaller, yet would have a greater impact across the system. e.g., break apart a long phrase into the portion that is used most often, and 'cat' it to the remainder of the phrase. - There are probably still some 'bad' phrases in the templates, though they won't break the system (anymore), they won't translate. These would be ones with symbols like quotes, etc... [#296]

Committed by dleffler

  • A framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/forms/calendar/Contact Form.tpl
  • A framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/forms/calendar/RSVP Form.tpl
  • A framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/forms/calendar/_Contact Form.tpl
  • A framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/forms/calendar/_RSVP Form.tpl
  • A framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/forms/calendar/_recurring.tpl
  • R framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/forms/email/Contact Form.tpl
  • R framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/forms/email/RSVP Form.tpl
  • R framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/forms/email/_Contact Form.tpl
  • R framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/forms/email/_RSVP Form.tpl
  • R framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/form.part
  • M framework/core/lang/English - US.php
  • M framework/core/models-1/calendar.php
  • M framework/core/subsystems/expCore.php
  • M framework/modules-1/bots/views/_bot_manager.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/actions/edit.php
  • M framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/actions/send_feedback.php
  • M framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/actions/view.php
  • M framework/modules-1/calendarmodule/views/Upcoming Events.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/common/views/_msg_queue.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/containermodule/views/Default.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/containermodule/views/Tabbed.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/containermodule/views/_addmodulelink.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/containermodule/views/_lastreferencedelete.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/containermodule/views/_linkPicker.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/containermodule/views/_popup_info.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/containermodule/views/_view_clipboard.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/exporter/views/_eql_tableList.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/exporter/views/_files_modList.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/navigationmodule/views/Children Only.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/navigationmodule/views/Directional.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/navigationmodule/views/Manage.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/simplepollmodule/views/Default.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/simplepollmodule/views/_editAnswer.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/simplepollmodule/views/_editQuestion.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/simplepollmodule/views/_manageQuestion.tpl
  • M framework/modules-1/simplepollmodule/views/_manageQuestions.tpl
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