Changeset [9d9f0d9542e443c1539a6fa6ad11a8cf4d1681dc] by Phillip Ball

January 22nd, 2014 @ 03:04 AM

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into newui

  • origin/develop: Updates/fixes responsive datatables, adds filename 'sanitizer' plugin for elFinder (not yet used) Missing file for new yuidatetimecontrol, minor updates to elFinder [#1120 #742] Updates 3rd party library list Two fixes to deal with magic quotes being turned on (php v5.2 or 5.3) where we get backslashes in the params, esp w/ json) Updates changelogs New jquery calendar control (yuicalendarcontrol replacement) for bootstrap framework (initially) [#742 #1120] New jquery calendar control jquery datepicker plugin updated to v2.1.8 to fix an issue when instantiated within a 'tab' [#742 #1120] Minor tweaks to get elFinder drag/drop copy/paste to work with more browsers Update database manager to v4.0.2 (failed to upload v4.0.0 main file anyway)

Committed by Phillip Ball

  • A external/adminer/adminer-4.0.2-mysql.php
  • A external/elFinder/php/plugins/Sanitizer/plugin.php
  • A framework/core/forms/controls/bootstrap/yuidatetimecontrol.php
  • R external/adminer/adminer-3.7.1-mysql.php
  • M
  • M external/ExtPrograms.csv
  • M external/adminer/admin.php
  • M external/elFinder/js/commands/info.js
  • M external/elFinder/js/commands/paste.js
  • M external/elFinder/js/elFinder.history.js
  • M external/elFinder/js/elFinder.js
  • M external/elFinder/js/elFinder.options.js
  • M external/elFinder/js/ui/cwd.js
  • M external/elFinder/php/elFinder.class.php
  • M external/elFinder/php/elFinderConnector.class.php
  • M external/elFinder/php/elFinderVolumeDriver.class.php
  • M external/elFinder/php/plugins/Normalizer/plugin.php
  • M external/jquery/addons/css/jquery.datetimepicker.css
  • M external/jquery/addons/js/datatables.responsive.js
  • M external/jquery/addons/js/jquery.datetimepicker.js
  • M framework/core/assets/less/forms-bootstrap.less
  • M framework/core/forms/controls/bootstrap/formcontrol.php
  • M framework/core/forms/controls/bootstrap/yuicalendarcontrol.php
  • M framework/core/forms/controls/calendarcontrol.php
  • M framework/core/forms/controls/formcontrol.php
  • M framework/core/forms/controls/textcontrol.php
  • M framework/core/forms/controls/yuicalendarcontrol.php
  • M framework/core/subsystems/expRouter.php
  • M framework/modules/ecommerce/products/views/eventregistration/edit.tpl
  • M framework/modules/ecommerce/views/store/picktype.tpl
  • M framework/modules/events/views/event/edit.tpl
  • M framework/modules/file/connector/cwd.js
  • M framework/modules/file/connector/elFinder.js
  • M framework/modules/file/connector/elFinder.options.js
  • M framework/modules/file/connector/info.js
  • M framework/modules/file/controllers/fileController.php
  • M framework/modules/forms/views/forms/showall.bootstrap.tpl
  • M framework/plugins/function.control.php
  • M install/changes/2.2.4.txt
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